What We Do Best

Creating Relationships.

Building Communities.

Community Engagement & Development 

Strategic Partnerships

FIC facilitates strategic partnerships between businesses and stakeholders to identify economic development opportunities in the areas of environmental justice and community engagement.

  • Helping corporations invest in their local communities to create the greatest social impact
  • Identifying opportunities for corporations to boost people and planet as part of their triple bottom line

Team Development

FIC engages corporate and community leaders to build teams that identify community needs, address pressing issues, and execute projects with lasting social impact.

  • Understanding the impact goals of socially responsible corporations
  • Convening community listening sessions to identify true needs and issues
  • Identifying both corporate and community representatives who can plan, coordinate, and execute projects with purpose

Coalition Building

FIC helps environmental and social justice advocates build coalitions of supporters for long-term, community-based campaigns.

  • Identifying key supporters needed to build traction in legislation
  • Determining the strategy for building awareness and support for the cause
  • Helping environmental and social justice advocates communicate the importance of their cause to legislators, communities, and key partners

Government Relations

Relationship Management

FIC facilitates relationships with elected officials to ensure that environmental justice legislation is prioritized.

  • Making introductions to key elected officials and committees
  • Establishing a strategy for raising awareness about the topic with the appropriate key stakeholders

Political Counsel

FIC accelerates ideas through the proper channels by providing political counsel. FIC connects clients with the right people and strategizes legislation presentation.

  • Understanding the political odds and who needs to hear the issue 
  • Connecting them to the appropriate political stakeholders

Policy Analysis

FIC provides policy analysis relating to climate change, environmental justice and workforce development for organizations looking to stay informed about new and proposed policy.

  • Helping clients understand the impact of newly passed and newly proposed policies
  • Leveraging decades of policy work within local, state, and federal government

Triple Bottom Line


Corporations can contribute to their local economy by creating employment opportunities, investing in local businesses, and uplifting community organizations. FIC can help you maximize your economic impact.


A corporation’s most important stakeholders are its employees, families, customers, suppliers, and local communities. Corporations should prioritize the impact of their operations on their local communities. FIC can help you put people first.


Corporations must act quickly and decisively to protect the planet and its natural resources by reducing carbon footprint and decreasing reliance on fossil fuels. FIC can help your organization contribute to the sustainability of your local community, leading to mutual well-being.

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